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SQA News 11 April 2024

2024 Coursework - support and guidance for packaging materials

We’ve updated our guidance for packaging coursework. We’ve sent this guidance to SQA co-ordinators, along with a list of marking types for each component, and the coursework attendance registers and carrier reports.

We’ve also added a new section to the SQA co-ordinator guidance section of our SQA Academy website to assist with packaging coursework materials. You can find this under Centre > Centre Support > SQA co-ordinator guidance. The new section contains the following:

Our Script Management helpdesk is also available to help, if you have any questions about stationery, packaging or uplift of material. You can call the Script Management helpdesk on 0345 213 6612 (option 2) or email Opening hours are Monday to Thursday 08:30-16:30, and Friday 08:30-15:30.