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SQA News 18 April 2024

Next Gen: Quality Assurance - Discovery

What is it?
Next Gen: QA discovery is a service design-led project focused on gathering feedback to inform a new approach to quality assurance across all product types. It will provide us with the information we need to co-create an approach to quality assurance that meets the needs of our customers now, and in the future.
How can I get involved?
We want to hear from everyone involved in the delivery of SQA qualifications. Please complete our survey to ensure your views are included.
Next Gen: QA Discovery Survey
The survey closes on Friday 26 April 2024.
Our Regional and Liaison Managers are also reaching out to arrange virtual or in person sessions with centres now. Alternatively, if you have any questions, please email
What do we mean by quality assurance?
Quality assurance ensures the validity and reliability of assessment. This process has many owners, including our centres who are responsible for ensuring they meet the SQA criteria for both systems and qualifications. For this project we are focusing on four main categories of quality assurance:
Why are we doing this?
We currently have several different approaches to quality assurance across different qualifications. More of our centres are offering multiple types of qualification, for example NQ, NPAs, HNs and Awards. As a result, centres are managing differing quality assurance processes.
We want to engage with users to understand which aspects of our current approaches are effective and which are not. This will inform our future approach, with the aim of co-creating a new quality assurance service that is robust, efficient, intuitive, and flexible for the future.
Who are we engaging with?
We will be engaging with practitioners, SQA Co-ordinators, learners, and other stakeholders who have an interest in quality assurance.
What do we need from you?
We are looking for feedback and insight on the current approaches to quality assurance, particularly within the context of the categories listed above. We would love to hear ideas on how you would like the future approach to be designed and to understand the challenges you might face with the current quality assurance service.