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Our ways of working

Against the backdrop of education reform, we have been keen to ensure that the development approach and the ways of working we have adopted throughout the NextGen: HN project, align with the design principles of the new qualifications body which will replace SQA.
New qualifications body design principles
The new qualifications body will:
Below are some key features of NextGen: HN which align with these principles.
Service design model
We follow a service design model when developing NextGen: HN qualifications, focusing on meeting the needs of learners and centres, with an emphasis on continuous improvement and collaboration. This approach allows us to challenge and evaluate aspects such as the design principles, grading models and approach to quality assurance. Ongoing evaluation and feedback from learners, centres, deliverers, staff and other stakeholders helps us learn lessons and refine our approaches.
Development cycle – pre-development activities
The design principles are apparent throughout our pre-development activities, including:
Development cycle – prototype qualification development
Development cycle – prototype pilot delivery
SQA staff and appointees carry out a variety of engagement activities to support pilot centres during delivery, including:
Development cycle – evaluation, analysis and validation
NextGen: HN takes an agile approach to development, favouring an iterative design process, that can accommodate the input of a wide range of stakeholders. 
This allows us to make regular improvements and refinements to meet the needs of users. It also allows the project to adapt and evolve as it progresses, rather than being rigidly constrained.
The changes we make are small and manageable, and, as we progress through the project, the subsequent changes build on those which have preceded them and the lessons we have learned.
We have three projects strands to focus on different elements of the evaluation process:
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