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SQA Advanced Qualifications updates

You can find unit specifications by using the Unit Search on our website

Unit specification updates

We have added the following optional units:

Verification group change

We have changed the verification group from Factory Plant (225) to Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (212) for the following units:

Correction of Outcome description

We have corrected the Outcome 3 summary on page 1 of the unit specification for Working Effectively and Safely with Clients (J6R3 47) to reflect the Outcome 3 title and description on page 5 (Identify the components of the transtheoretical model of behaviour change).

Removal of reference to assessment support pack

We have removed the text referring to assessment support packs (ASPs) from CAD:3D Surface and Solid Modelling (HV1K 47), as no ASP is available.

Support Materials

New assessment support packs are now available on the SQA Secure website for the following qualifications.

SQA Advanced Certificate/Diploma in Beauty Therapy: 

SQA Advanced Certificate/Diploma in Business and SQA Advanced Diploma (fixed) in Business, Business with HRM, Business with IT, Business with Accounting, Business with Marketing, Global Trade and Business:

Economic Issues: An Introduction (J461 47) has a new assessment support pack available for the following frameworks:

The following new integrated assessment support packs are now available on the secure site under all SQA Advanced Diplomas in Business: