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NextGen: HN Pilot Centre Update

NextGen: HN Creative Industries

We are pleased that the first stage of consultation for Creative Industries has taken place with focus group sessions for Art, Fashion & Textiles, Performance: Theatre & Dance, and Performance: Music. The focus groups were attended by representatives from further education (FE) centres, higher education institutes (HEI), and industry. 

Surveys have been used in the second stage for Fashion & Textiles, Performance: Theatre & Dance, and Performance: Music and Art.  The findings from both stages of the consultation will be analysed to produce an internal report for each qualification group. 

Creative Industries has been identified for review, which offers an exciting opportunity to develop future qualifications.   This qualification review has been prompted by the need to take a holistic look across current provision for the broad spectrum of the creative industries (excluding TV and Radio). This will provide a foundation for the redevelopment of relevant frameworks under NextGen: HN design principles.