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Co-ordinator Update 19 June 2024

SQA Connect Navigator reporting

We‘ve recently made two new reports available on the Navigator – Reports lists on SQA Connect.

1) All current entries

You’re now able to run a report on current entries. With this report, there is no date range required. The report opens in Excel and lists all entries at your centre (Group Awards and Units) that are:

The fields reported are:

2) Check course achievement

You’re also now able to run a report on a specific course achievement. With this report, there are no date ranges required. By entering a course or grouping code/level, the system will report a list of open entries at your centre for that code, and states whether the candidate has been entered for enough credits to achieve the course/group. This report will also open in Excel.

The fields reported are:

If you’ve any questions about these reports, please email