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Co-ordinator Update 29 February 2024

NQ verification 2023-24 - round 2

National Qualification verification selections for round 2 will be available on SQA Connect from Friday 8 March.

If you’ve been selected for a subject/selection which you no longer present in, please email We’ll then review your selections and make any necessary amendments.

Round 2 verification outcomes

All verification outcome records and reports, including visiting verification, from round 2 activity will be issued via ‘QA Secure Services’ on SQA Connect throughout the round and by no later than Friday 7 June.

Generating the sample

We’ll provide details of how to construct the sample of evidence with the selections.

We may request that centres provide evidence from specific candidates rather than the centre selecting the sample. If this is the case, we’ll provide details of this in advance.

Please pay particular attention to the verification sample information and evidence checklists contained in the verification submission guidance to ensure you’ve provided the correct sample of evidence and appropriate documentation.

Please remember that you must include your assessment judgements with the candidate evidence provided for unit verification, or the detailed marking for each candidate for IACCA verification. If this is not provided, verifiers are unable to reach an informed decision on whether the centre is making reliable assessment judgements in line with national standards and can lead to ‘Not Accepted’ outcomes.

Please remember that, whether the IACCA verification activity is by visiting or event, the given marks are final and must be submitted for the selected candidates. Following the verification activity, you should also take the feedback given into account to arrive at final marks for the rest of the cohort.

Visit our external verification web page for further information.