Continuing Professional Development with SQA

Why is CPD so important?

CPD Jigsaw Image 150CPD is important to everyone in employment as initial training or qualifications become out dated as working life changes to meet new demands.

Maintaining or upgrading skills and knowledge can help to enhance performance in an existing job role, supports career progression and ensures that individuals continue to develop the skills and knowledge that are required as change makes new demands on them.

How can SQA help support CPD?

SQA is committed to supporting and enhancing CPD for our own staff our appointees and staff in our centres. High quality CPD can help to improve understanding of our qualifications and assessments, enhancing the experience of staff and learners alike. If you are a manager, a teacher, a lecturer, an appointee, an assessor or verifier, a trainer, or a mentor working with SQA then you should be able to source CPD with SQA.

SQA has various ways to support CPD. Some of these methods are free support services while others have charges applied to reflect the fact that they incur additional costs that SQA cannot wholly fund. Some of our CPD opportunities are available on line and can therefore be accessed at any time to suit the user. Other CPD opportunities require attendance at events. Alternatively CPD support can be brought to your place of work or other suitable venue, and delivered specifically to you and your colleagues.

CPD Opportunities currently exist in the areas described below and we are building on this on an ongoing basis. All have links to further web pages which provide much more detail and information on these services and how to access them.

Understanding Standards Logo

The Understanding Standards website has been developed to allow teaching professionals the opportunity to more fully understand the standards of assessment as they are applied by the SQA examination teams. Access the Understanding Standards website.

PDW 90

If you are interested in SQA's Professional Development Workshops (PDW's) then please use the icon on the left to access our current calendar of PDW titles, dates and locations, including specific PDW title pages explaining the content of each workshop. Further information on Professional Development Workshops.

appointee 150

SQA has launched its first website for appointees – Appointee Services. It is for all potential and current SQA appointees, such as Markers, Verifiers and Examiners, and provides information for those who want to find out more about SQA appointee work and information and services for existing appointees. Access the Appointee Services website.

SQA Academy.

SQA Academy has been developed to extend and enhance the training and development opportunities available to all those who contribute to the assessment processes that underpin the qualifications of the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

The SQA Academy website is divided into a number of distinct "webspaces", each of which fulfils a different purpose. The majority of these webspaces are only available to registered users. However, some spaces are open to all, without the need for registration. Access the SQA Academy website.