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SQA and its predecessor bodies have maintained a strong commitment to the Gaelic Language for many years. National Qualifications for Gaelic (Learners) and Gàidhlig are available at Access 3, National 3, National 4, National 5, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Higher and Advanced Higher levels. SQA has also developed qualifications in the further and higher education sectors in Scotland to ensure that the needs of the Gaelic learning and working community are addressed across all levels of fluency in the language.

SQA currently makes a number of National 5 and Higher examinations available through the medium of Gaelic — Geography (Cruinn-eòlas); History (Eachdraidh); Mathematics (Matamataig), Lifeskills Mathematics (Matamataig Fad-bheatha); and Modern Studies (Nuadh-eòlas). New models of entry, certification, translation and marking for these Courses have been developed to ensure that Course titles and all Units attained through the medium of Gaelic are reported in Gaelic on candidates’ Scottish Qualifications Certificate (SQC). There are also recognition statements reported on the Detailed record of attainment to indicate that the Course was assessed and attained through the medium of Gaelic.

SQA is committed to the Gaelic-medium education (GME) sector, and in line with our Gaelic Language Plan, we aim to maintain and build on current provision by providing support materials and expanding our range of Gaelic Medium subjects available in secondary schools and colleges.

SQA has also been able to provide a strong level of support for the language with its widely-used publication Gaelic Orthographic Conventions (4.08 MB), and a continuing and high-level commitment to the language.

We offer qualifications suitable for everyone from learners to fluent speakers. Read more in our provision for Gaelic leaflet.