Gaelic-medium provision

SQA endeavours to support Gaelic-medium candidates indirectly at primary level by a variety of means. At secondary level, SQA currently makes a number of National 5 and Higher  examinations available through the medium of Gaelic — Geography (Cruinn-eòlas), History (Eachdraidh), Mathematics (Matamataig), Lifeskills Mathematics (Matamataig Fad-bheatha), and Modern Studies (Nuadh-eòlas).

Gaelic-medium qualifications enable fluent speakers to maintain their exposure to the language throughout secondary education.

New models of entry, certification, translation and marking for these Courses have been developed to ensure that Course titles and all Units attained through the medium of Gaelic are reported in Gaelic on candidates’ Scottish Qualifications Certificate (SQC). There are also recognition statements reported on the Detailed record of attainment to indicate that the Course was assessed and attained through the medium of Gaelic.

SQA is committed to Gaelic-medium education, and in line with our Gaelic Language Plan we aim to maintain and build on current provision by providing support materials and expanding our range of Gaelic-medium subjects available at Senior Phase in secondary schools and colleges.

There is an added commitment to extend the range of Gaelic-medium examinations within a clearly specified and practicable range of subjects, to be determined in consultation with Bòrd na Gàidhlig’s national working group on Gaelic-medium Secondary Curriculum Design.

SQA has an ongoing partnership with Stòrlann to provide a number of support materials in Gaelic. 

Subject-specific information and documents such as Specimen Question Papers are available on the relevant subject pages.