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SQA’s Geography qualifications provide a broad range of flexible learning contexts covering physical, human and global geographical environments, and bring together the natural and social sciences.

The Courses provide geographical perspectives on important issues concerning the environment, sustainability and citizenship, and offer challenging, coherent and enjoyable journeys for learners who progress through levels. They encourage fieldwork and the use of local environments and the acquisition of geographical skills.

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Geography CPD Event Presentations

The following presentation was delivered at recent CPD events for the new National 3, 4 and 5 Courses. It can be used by Nominees to help cascade information to colleagues in their school, college or Local Authority. Equally, anyone delivering these new National Courses may find the contents of help in understanding the standards required. Any candidate evidence used at the events will be published on SQA’s secure website as soon as necessary permissions have been obtained.

The following documents, which are already published, were also referred to, or discussed, at the event:

Valid from August 2013

Valid from August 2014

Valid from August 2015

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