Digital Question Papers

Digital Question Papers (DQPs) are for disabled candidates and/or those with additional support needs who have reading and/or writing difficulties.

DQP candidates (candidates with a DQP Assessment Arrangement)

Candidates receive and use either of the following combinations:

Those exams requiring DABs:

DABs created in PDF and MS Word can be used for practice only. Access by following the appropriate link below.

Updated DAB versions will be available in February and these can be used for exam purposes (except for Higher Maths where the DAB supplied on the DQP CD-ROM is to be used). Where a DAB is required for an exam (see spreadsheet above), it will be supplied on a DQP CD-ROM.

Candidates using ICT

For candidates using ICT in their exams, we provide a paper-specific digital answer book (DAB) and a generic DAB. The DABs ensure candidate responses can be assigned to markers, marked and then processed - therefore it is essential that candidates are given the correct DAB.

Structured Question Paper

This is a question-and-answer paper which has spaces for answers. The question paper is confidential prior to the exam and does not have a DAB. The generic DAB is for candidates using ICT to practice and use in the exam diet.
Generic Digital Answer Book (DAB) (1.51 MB)

Unstructured Question Paper

This is a question-only paper that requires a paper-specific DAB.
DAB spreadsheet - exams requiring answer books

The current paper-specific DABs (available from Digital Answer Books page) should be used by candidates using ICT for practice only. We'll update the DABs in February, these should be used for exam purposes (except for Higher Maths where a generic DAB should be used).

New - Automatic printing of SCN on DABs and DPQs

DQPs and DABs now copy the candidate SCN from the front of the book to all pages.
It is automatic for PDFs, however, for MS Word DABs there are some additional steps needed to enable this to happen if the candidate wishes to use this facility.

How candidates can automatically copy their SCN to all pages in DPQs and DABs (71 KB)

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Digital Question Papers (Past Papers)

Digital Question Papers (Specimen N5 Examples)

Digital Question Papers (Specimen Higher Examples)

Digital Answer Books (DABs)

Examinations requiring DABs are listed in the table below and at appendix 3 in the updated Digital Question Papers: Guidance for Centres.

Where DABs are required for an exam they will be supplied on the disc with the DQP in MS Word and PDF formats. Alternatively, DABs from this webpage can be downloaded in advance and used in the appropriate exam (with the exception of H Maths).

'Spellcheck On' versions of MS Word DABs are no longer supplied as a PC's setting overrides SQA's setting. Centres using MS Word DABs, must ensure that the PC's MS Word settings are correct for each candidate eg that spellcheck is only used where authorised by SQA.

PDF variations of the booklets are unaffected by the change to Word spellcheck versions of the answer book.

A candidate's SCN will automatically copy to all pages of DQP and PDF DAB. MS Word DABs require candidates to carry out some extra steps to enable this feature (instructions below).

Data Booklets

These booklets can be used during the appropriate National Qualification examination when a digital question paper is used by a candidate. They can also be used for exam preparation and general study.

Prior to an examination commencing and the uploading of the digital question paper, centres may upload the appropriate data booklet along with a digital answer book to a candidate's PC (available on this page).

Below are links to the PDF data booklets that are used in the following examinations:

Physics Data Books - these are no longer produced, instead Physics Data Sheets are included as part of the question papers and Relationship Sheets are supplied with the question paper. Examples of these are attached to past papers and with Specimen and Exemplar question papers on the subject/level webpages. Relationship Sheets will be supplied on the DQP discs and paper copies will also be supplied to candidates..

Case Studies

These case studies show how two secondary schools implemented SQA's digital papers, the challenges they faced, and the benefits to school and candidates.

Digital Question Papers Guidance

If you have a question regarding digital question papers please call our Assessment Arrangements team on 0345 213 6890.

Technical help with Digital Question Papers

Digital Exams LogoIf you have technical questions about the Digital Question Papers consult CALL Scotland.

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