Digital Question Papers

Digital Question Papers (DQPs) are for disabled candidates and/or those with additional support needs who have reading and/or writing difficulties.

Digital Question Papers Guidance

Digital Question Papers (Past Papers)

Digital Question Papers (Specimen N5 Examples)

Digital Question Papers (Specimen Higher Examples)

Data Booklets

These booklets can be used during the appropriate National Qualification examination when a digital question paper is used by a candidate. They can also be used for exam preparation and general study.

Prior to an examination commencing and the uploading of the digital question paper, centres may upload the appropriate data booklet along with a digital answer book to a candidate's PC (available on this page).

Below are links to the PDF data booklets that are used in the following examinations:

Physics Data Books - these are no longer produced, instead Physics Data Sheets are included as part of the question papers and Relationship Sheets are supplied with the question paper. Examples of these are attached to past papers and with Specimen and Exemplar question papers on the subject/level webpages. Relationship Sheets will be supplied on the DQP discs and paper copies will also be supplied to candidates..

Digital Answer Books (DABs)

Case Studies

These case studies show how two secondary schools implemented SQA's digital papers, the challenges they faced, and the benefits to school and candidates.

If you have a question regarding digital question papers please call our Assessment Arrangements team on 0345 213 6890.

Technical help with Digital Question Papers

Digital Exams LogoIf you have technical questions about the Digital Question Papers consult CALL Scotland.

CALL Scotland is 'Communication, Access, Literacy and Learning (CALL) Scotland' and is part of Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh.