What are Core Skills?

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Core Skills Units will continue to be available for the foreseeable future

Core Skills and CfE

Centres should note that the Core Skills Units do not form part of the Curriculum for Excellence development, therefore the Core Skills Units are unaffected by the changes introduced through the new National 1 to 5 qualifications. The Core Skills Units will continue to be available and will remain in their current format with no changes made to the standards they contain for the foreseeable future.

Some centres have been in touch with us to ask if they should deliver the new National 3, 4 or 5 Units in Literacy and Numeracy, or the Communication and Numeracy Core Skills Units at the same levels, as both sets of units cover very similar ground. It will be for centres to decide for themselves which qualifications will be of most value to their candidates. We expect that many schools will offer the new Literacy and Numeracy Units that have been introduced as they form part of CfE, however, colleges may prefer to continue offering the Core Skills Units in their programmes, as they are familiar with these Units and they still form part of many of the NC, NPA and MA frameworks offered in colleges.

The Core Skills Profile

As with the Core Skills Units, SQA currently has no plans to remove or alter the Core Skills Profile that is included at the end of the Scottish Qualifications Certificate (SQC). When candidates receive their certificates, they will continue to be credited with the achievement of Core Skills components that are embedded within any of the qualifications they have completed.

Core Skills Units and Assessment Support Packs (ASPs)

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Information and

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Working with Others

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Problem Solving