Timetable and exam tools

We provide a variety of ways for you to access the NQ exam timetable.

But before you start be aware schools and colleges can alter the start times of exams by up to 15 minutes. Always double-check the times of your exams with your school or college.

Timetable options

Finding it hard to stay on top of all your exams? Create your exam timetable using our online and mobile tools. 

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MyExam app

Remove part of the stress of exam season and personalise your timetable with MyExams app. Create personal timetable, view your exam schedule, add notes and add to other calendars.

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Personal Timetable Builder

You can create and view your own personal exam timetable using our online timetable builder. 

Build your own online timetable

Exam tools

MyStudyPlan app

My Study Plan app iconOrganise your revision timetable and create your own study plan with our MyStudyPlan. Import your exam schedule, enter your time availability and use the information prioritise how much time you want to spend on each subject.

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