QCF Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Court Tribunal Administration

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Unit and Assessment Specifications and Assessment Guidance for these qualifications are available on SQA's Secure website. These are available from your centre's SQA co-ordinator. For further information, please contact mycentre@sqa.org.uk

Code Document
FE8A 68 Allocate List and Arrange Resources for Court Tribunal Cases 
FE8C 79 Progress Requests for the Rescheduling Adjournment of Court and Tribunal Cases 
FE8D 68 Ensure Attendance at Courts Tribunals 
FE8E 68 Address Applications for Legal Aid 
FE8F 68 Process Claims for Expenses Relating to Attendance at Courts Tribunals 
FE8G 68 Coordinate the Provision of Jurors 
FE8H 79 Process the Outcomes of Court Tribunal Hearings 
FE8J 68 Process Appeals Against Decisions Made by Courts Tribunals 
FE8K 68 Administer the Collection of Financial Orders Levied by Courts Tribunals 
FE8L 68 Respond to Enquiries Regarding Courts Tribunals 
FE8M 79 Develop and Sustain Effective Working with Staff in Other Agencies 
FE8N 79 Maintain Personal Security and Safety and be Alert to the Security of Others 
FE85 79 Equality and Diversity 
FE86 68 Receive and Progress Court Tribunal Cases 
FE87 68 Collate and Provide Papers for Individual Court Tribunal Cases 
FE88 68 Maintain Court Tribunal Records 
FE89 68 Manage Personal Development 
FD1C 66

Resolve customer service problems  

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