Art and Design Practical Assessment

This webpage has been developed to centralise the information and paperwork which SQA issues to Centres each year to assist with the submissions of Art and Design Practical Folios.


SQA Co-ordinators will be advised, by email, when the following information is made available:

Design Brief Evaluation Form for National 5 and “New” Higher Art and Design

Please note that there are no Design Brief Evaluation Forms for the National 5 and New Higher Art and Design Courses.

Centres are reminded however that an evaluation should be included with each candidate’s Expressive and Design folios for the above courses, as outlined in the Course Assessment Specification and detailed in the coursework assessment task. Candidates and centres have flexibility to choose how best to present their evaluations.

Design Brief Evaluation Forms are associated with the existing Intermediate and Higher Art and Design Courses and must only be used with candidates who are undertaking these Courses. They cannot be used with candidates who are undertaking National 5 and New Higher Courses.


SQA Co-ordinators will be sent the following paperwork:

  • Attendance Register forms (National 5, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Higher, New Higher and Advanced Higher Enquiry)
  • Candidate Identifying labels
  • Supply of Parcel Force labels for the submission of Artwork

The following documentation will be made available online only:

Package Identifying Labels for

Notes on Completion

Additional Information

Address for submissions of practical work:

c/o Midlothian Indoor Bowling Club
Ramsay Croft
EH22 1JD

Return of External Assessment Materials

SQA provides a service to return non-examination material submitted to us for assessment where it contains material that cannot be easily copied.  Please visit the Request for Return of External Assessment Materials web page for more information (


If you require any further information, please contact Event Servicing at or call 0345 213  6707.