Building Workers

The Building Sector provides a wide range of services to the House Building, Maintenance and Repair sectors of the Construction industry which includes Bricklayers, Wood Trades, Interior Fit-out and Painters and Decorators.

SQA provides a number of qualifications within this sector which can be completed as stand alone qualifications or as part of an apprenticeship programme.



For more information about qualifications in the construction sector, please follow the link. Choose between SCQF or QCF levels to see all the SQA qualifications in construction.

Qualification Support Teams (QSTs)

Qualification Support Teams (QSTs) are practitioner driven with a focus on addressing current 'live' issues. The QST will monitor, evaluate, address and communicate issues arising from the delivery, assessment and moderation of any relevant group award (including practitioner comment on specific Units raised in letters, e-mails, Unit comment forms, etc).

SQA would encourage the use of the comment/feedback form  (45 KB) for any comments and/or feedback on any construction awards. This feedback will be considered by SQA officers, External Verifiers and/or the relevant QST, as appropriate.

If you wish to be considered for future QST membership or wish the QST to discuss a particular issue, please e-mail or send a feedback/comments form to

Construction Craft QST's

Bricklaying/Wall & Floor Tiling and Stonemasonry Qualifications Support Team

Painting & Decorating and Plastering Qualifications Support Team

Carpentry & Joinery, Roofing and Floorcovering Qualifications Support Team


Historic Scotland  

Historic Scotland is an Agency within the Scottish Government and is directly responsible to Scottish Ministers for safeguarding the nation's historic environment, and promoting its understanding and enjoyment. Historic Scotland deliver policy and advise on all aspects of the historic environment on behalf of Scottish Ministers.

British Decorators’ Federation 

The British Decorators' Federation came into being at the end of 2011 at the request of contractors in England who had first-hand experience of the way the industry, including education, licensing and complaints were handled by the industry’s representative body in Scotland, the Scottish Decorators' Federation.

The Scottish Painting and Decorating Apprenticeship Council (SPADAC)   

The SPADAC provide a quality registration system for apprentice painters and decorators in Scotland by regulating the working conditions, wages and recruitment, and by designing the training and qualifications of apprenticeships in Scotland. SPADAC is a partnership with CITB and SQA and now registers 80% of CITB’ apprentices in Scotland.

Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)

CITB works with employers to encourage training, which helps to build a safe, professional and fully qualified workforce. The support and funding CITB provide helps companies to improve skills, increase their competitiveness and respond to challenges such as the low carbon agenda, reducing costs on site and recruiting the best talent for their sector.

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