Your Results 2016

Students with certificates

You will receive your Scottish Qualifications Certificate (SQC) by first-class mail on TUESDAY 9 AUGUST.

If you are going on to university or college, we will send your results to the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) electronically.

If you are returning for the new session, we will send results information to your school or college so that there is plenty of time for teachers to plan next year’s timetables and give you career and course guidance.

If your SQC does not arrive on TUESDAY 9 AUGUST, please contact your school or college immediately. The school or college will be able to confirm your results and liaise with us to find out what has happened to your SQC.

Recognising Positive Achievement

If you sit a National 5 Course and receive a ‘No Award’ then as part of our Recognising Positive Achievement arrangement you may be awarded the Course at National 4. If you meet the Unit requirements, a National 4 Course award will show on your SQC. Please contact your school or college if you have any questions about this.

Support for you at results time

If you don’t understand your certificate, or if you think something is missing or wrong, contact your school or college immediately and ask for help. If there is a problem, your school or college will contact us to sort it out.

A telephone service — SQA’s Candidate Advice Line — will also be available from Tuesday 9 August to Friday 12 August. You can ring this line for help and advice on the content and layout of your certificate. However, our advisors will be unable to help you with any queries regarding SQA’s Post-results Services or the breakdown of your marks, and they will not be able to speak to parents or carers without your consent. The advice line number can be found on the letter that accompanies your certificate.

For general enquiries at any time of the year, you can call our Customer Contact Centre on 0345 279 1000, or complete the candidate enquiry form at

Skills Development Scotland also has information and advice online to help you plan your next steps. Visit exam results support

How to get your coursework back from SQA

We understand that the materials your school or college send us as part of your assessment may be of special value to you. Recordings, artwork and written pieces that you produce might not be easy to re-create, so maybe you’d like your original material back. This is why we offer a returns service. You can submit a request, asking us to send back the materials.

You should submit a return request by 30 September 2016. Any requests received after this date will incur an additional late charge. If we don’t receive a request, your coursework will be securely disposed of.

Advanced Higher Art and Design folios are no longer returned free of charge following the marking in June. These folios must now be requested as part of the Return of Materials process and the appropriate fee paid. All folios will be returned between October and December.

N.B. If your school has requested a marking review for any returnable materials, we are required to retain this work for 12 months after the final decision is made on grades awarded. 

Please note that we are unable to consider any requests for exam answer booklets to be returned. This is in line with the Data Protection Act.

For more information about which materials we are able to send back to you, how much it costs, and how you should go about requesting these, please visit:


MySQA is a web service that offers you secure and unique access to your results.

You don’t need to wait for your results envelope to drop through the letterbox. You can choose to have your results sent by e-mail or text on Tuesday 9 August. You’ll need to sign up to MySQA by 5pm on Monday 18 July, and then activate your account by 5pm on Wednesday 20 July. Even if you’re away from home, you won’t have to wait or get someone else to open your results for you. Find out how to activate your account at


Exam results will be sent out on 9 August 2016 by text message and e-mail from 8am.

Remember, National 4 Courses are awarded as either ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ and have no overall grade. You will probably know the result from your teacher prior to the summer holidays and the text/e-mail you receive will simply confirm the result.