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Coursework gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of a subject.

On most SQA Courses, you start preparing for coursework as soon as your Course begins. To support you with this, here are a few rules to be aware of before you start to produce materials that will be submitted to SQA for marking.

Your coursework could be a project, a portfolio, or one or more essays, depending on which Course you are taking.

The marks you are awarded for this work will contribute to your final grade.



Whatever shape your work takes, itís your chance to show you know your subject and to gain marks that make a big difference to your final grade.




Spotting plagiarism and collusion isnít difficult. Find out what happens if you break the rules.




Your school or college will give you a declaration that you have to sign before they submit your Coursework to us for marking.


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Candidate malpractice

This guide explains the procedures for dealing with incidents of candidate malpractice where material has been submitted to SQA for external assessment.

Results Services

For more information on the Results Services process, visit the Results Services web page.

Coursework authenticity

An overview of the area of authenticity, plagiarism and collusion, and how it applies to coursework that is submitted to SQA for marking.
Free, BA5188, August 2009

Coursework Authenticity - a Guide for Teachers and Lecturers

How to get your coursework back from SQA

We understand that the coursework materials your school or college send us as part of your assessment may be of special value to you. If you would like your original material back you can submit a return request.  If we donít receive a request, your coursework will be securely disposed of.

Please note that if your school or college has requested a marking review for any returnable materials, we are required to retain this work for 12 months after the final decision is made on grades awarded.