Annual Review – Tradition

We adapt to create qualifications society and individuals need.

SQA and its predecessor bodies have been serving Scottish education for over a hundred years. Names may change, times may change, but the purpose we serve and our approach remain. 

The story of SQA

Dr Henry CraikThe SQA timeline highlights developments in qualifications and assessment in the context of world events. It starts in 1872 — when the Education (Scotland) Act made school attendance compulsory for 5 to 13 year olds.

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Gaelic WinnerSQA is committed to the objectives set out in the National Plan for Gaelic and the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005 which recognises Gaelic as an official language of Scotland, commanding equal respect to English.

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HN 90

In 1925, 24 engineers and chemists attained the first Higher National qualifications in Scotland.

They were needed to address a skills shortage. The changing nature of skills and industry requirements has been the driving constant to continually develop and refine these qualifications.

The proof has been generations of HN graduates with long and successful careers.

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