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SQA News 6 June 2024

National Qualifications - Updated documents for session 2024-25 onwards

On 13 March, we issued an update to schools, colleges and training practitioners about changes to a small number of National Courses for session 2024-25 onwards.

View our online news article: Update on National Courses for session 2024-25 onwards (13 March 2024).

We’re updating the documents and assessment materials for these courses, as needed. All updated documents will be available by the end of August 2024. These documents are valid for session 2024-25 onwards.

The following documents are now available:

Administration and IT

We've also updated the National 3 and National 4 unit assessment support packs and e-files. These are available from the SQA Secure website and you can access them through your SQA co-ordinator.

The updated course and unit support notes will be available by the end of August.

Visit the NQ Administration and IT web page.


Visit the NQ Economics web page.


Visit the NQ Geography web page.


Visit the NQ History web page.

Physical Education

Visit the NQ Physical Education web page.

You can access the updated documents from the NQ web pages for each subject at Links to each subject page are provided above.

We’ve added temporary subheadings to the document tabs on each web page, to distinguish between the updated documents (session 2024-25 onwards) and the current versions (session 2023-24).

Please use the updated versions with your learners from session 2024-25. We’ll remove the current versions after the 2024 Appeals service has closed.