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Past Papers

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Available Past Papers for: English
Year Qualification Paper Download
2014 Higher all PDF (123KB)
2013 Higher all PDF (291KB)
2012 Higher All PDF (247KB)
2011 Higher all PDF (298KB)
2010 Higher all PDF (259KB)

Marking Instructions

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Available Marking Instructions for: English
Year Qualification Paper Download
2014 Higher Writing Folio PDF (233KB)
2014 Higher all PDF (207KB)
2013 Higher Close Reading PDF (710KB)
2013 Higher Critical Essay PDF (179KB)
2013 Higher Writing Folio PDF (204KB)
2012 Higher Close Reading PDF (491KB)
2012 Higher Critical Essay PDF (156KB)
2012 Higher Writing Folio PDF (168KB)
2011 Higher Close Reading PDF (507KB)
2011 Higher Critical Essay PDF (88KB)
2011 Higher Writing Folio PDF (163KB)
2010 Higher Close Reading PDF (136KB)
2010 Higher Critical Essay PDF (160KB)

Specimen Question Papers are available for National 5 and Higher Qualifications.

You can now buy official SQA Past Papers and Answers online from Hodder Education.

Note: Adapted Question Papers in Digital Format for candidates with disabilities and/or additional support needs, are also available on the website: Digital Question Papers

For National 5 Modern Languages and Gaelic (Learners): We have published a second set of 2014 Reading and Writing past papers in a new format. The questions are the same but there are separate question and answer booklets for Reading and for Writing, which is how the question papers will be structured from 2015 onwards.

Conditions of Use

The past papers are copyright to SQA. They may be reproduced to support SQA qualifications only, on a non-commercial basis. If they are to be used for any other purposes, written permission must be obtained from the Assessment Development and Delivery Team - NQ Assessment.

Where the past papers contain materials from other sources (secondary copyright) this material should only be reproduced for the purposes of assessment. If the material needs to be reproduced for any other purpose, it is the responsibility of the user to obtain the necessary copyright clearance.