HNC/HND Computer Arts and Design

These Courses were devised under the new HN design principles as part of an overall revision of HN Art and Design. The new suite of Art and Design qualifications also provides HNC/HNDs in Visual Communication, 3D Design, Photography, Art and Design and Contemporary Art Practice.

Based on the new design principles, it would then follow that in year one/HNC there is now a one credit Graded Unit and in year two/HND there is a two credit Graded Unit. These Graded Units are designed to allow candidates to integrate their knowledge of the mandatory Units within their specific Group Award.

Following validation of the Computer Arts and Design awards the Qualifications Design Team was reconstituted and became the Qualifications Support Team (QST). The task of this working group is to monitor the implementation of the award and to ensure that it remains fit for purpose. This allows delivering centres to reflect on the award and to provide comment where appropriate. The QST will monitor the feedback from centres and consider what help and advice may need to be given.

Centre staff can access associated exemplar material for these awards via the secure area of SQA's website: Please contact your SQA Coordinator to access the secure site.

Group Award Specification

Title: HNC and HND Computer Arts and Design
Code: G87N 15 and G8H1 16
Date: Version 07 (April 2015)
Download: HNC and HND Computer Arts and Design Arrangements Document (756 KB)

Assessment Exemplars

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