Scottish Baccalaureates

Scottish Baccalaureates in Science and Languages were introduced in August 2009. Further Baccalaureates in Expressive Arts and Social Sciences are available from session 2012-13.

The following short video provides an introduction to the awards.


There are four Baccalaureates -

All of these qualifications are available at SCQF level 7. The following link provides an overview of the four frameworks (116 KB).

Scottish Baccalaureates News

Key Dates 2016/17

Key dates for centres for session 2016/17 are:

  • Application for Approval (IP1 form (636 KB)) should be submitted by end of September 2016
  • Candidate entries should be submitted by November 2016
  • Results for the IP Unit should be submitted by 31 March 2017. All assessment and internal verification should be completed before the IP Unit result is submitted.  

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About the Scottish Baccalaureates

Baccalaureates student image 1The Scottish Baccalaureate in Expressive Arts, Languages, Science and Social Sciences consist of a coherent group of current Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications in science and languages respectively. But what makes a Scottish Baccalaureate unique is the Interdisciplinary Project.

The Interdisciplinary Project

The Interdisciplinary Project is an Advanced Higher Unit in which you apply your subject knowledge in realistic contexts. You carry out an investigation or practical assignment — your theme may be for example — ‘Employability and using languages in the Scottish market’ or perhaps ‘Testing energy options for sustainable solutions’. This is likely to involve you working outwith your school — in a college or university, or in a community or workplace setting.

The Interdisciplinary Project will help you to develop and show evidence of initiative, responsibility, and independent working — skills of real value in the world of higher education and work.


Scottish Baccalaureates will be awarded at Pass and Distinction.

A Distinction will require a grade A in one eligible Advanced Higher Course, one other grade A in any other component, and at least a grade B in all other components.

A Pass will be awarded to those who achieve at least a grade C in all mandatory components and who do not meet the criteria for Distinction.

Further information

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