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  • SQA Higher Maths exams

    We recognise that the exams period is a stressful time for young people and their parents. We are aware of the concerns many of them have raised on online petitions about the Higher Maths exams and we want to reassure them.

  • SQA examinations about to get underway

    Thousands of candidates across Scotland are set to begin their SQA examinations on Tuesday 28 April.

  • MySQA is now open!

    MySQA logo imageUntil now MySQA has been about registering online to get your exam results by e-mail and text — if you’re sitting exams next year you can still sign up for this service.

    MySQA is now about more than just getting your exam results — when you login you’ll be able to see all your qualification information. This means that you can track progress towards your qualifications and have a permanent online record of all your SQA qualifications (from 1995 onwards).

  • SQA pledges support for Who Cares Scotland

    The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) pledges its support for the Who Cares? Scotland ‘Listen-Act-Unite’ campaign.

  • QA2015–18: Designed to prepare you for success

    SQA’s approach to Quality Assurance of Higher National and Vocational Qualifications for the next three years.