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Advanced Higher Chemistry

Advanced Higher Chemistry

This page is for the existing National Qualification Advanced Higher Chemistry Course.

Access information on the new NQ (CfE) Advanced Higher Courses.

The Advanced Higher qualification in Chemistry develops sophisticated skills of independent study and thought. Learners are given the opportunity of in-depth study of electronic structure, chemical bonding, thermochemistry and kinetics.

Further topics for study include organic chemistry, structural analysis, and medicines. Learners will be able to demonstrate proficiency in scientific writing, revealing the significance of findings by analysing and interpreting results in a critical and scientific manner.

The Advanced Higher Chemistry Course is at SCQF level 7.

For more information on SCQF levels and how Advanced Higher fits in to the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework, visit our SCQF section.

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Investigation Guidance


  • Investigation Guidance 2014 (175 KB)
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  • Investigation Guidance 2013 (221 KB)
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Guide to Assessment in the Sciences

IMAGE: Guide to Assessment in the Sciences cover.This binder draws together appropriate information on assessment from the Arrangements documents, National Assessment Bank materials and update letters for National Qualifications in the Sciences. It is intended to provide an easy access point for information on assessment and it is envisaged that it will be particularly useful to faculty heads, newly qualified teachers (NQTs) and teachers presenting more than one Science. It is an additional resource to be used in conjunction with SQA Arrangements documents and National Assessment Bank materials (NABs).

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