We work in partnership with local authorities, independent schools and colleges to ensure adequate resources are in place to verify internal assessment of National Qualifications.

A Nominee represents their school/college and local authority (where appropriate) in assisting with the maintenance of national standards of the qualifications within their subject area.

They share their expertise with colleagues and ensure all tasks associated with quality assuring internal assessment are carried out within the conditions, timescales and arrangements set by:

Nominees receive comprehensive quality assurance training and support from the Principal Verifier and subject specialists.

SQA Nominees:

Become a Nominee

An opportunity for teaching professionals to gain a better understanding of the national standards and enhance their skills.

If you are interested in becoming a Nominee,  find more information in the following documents.

Please speak to your Head teacher or Principal if you are interested in being considered.

Nominee profile and criteria (123 KB)

Release from an employer for SQA duties (53 KB)

Local authority agreement (468 KB)

Nominee fees and expenses (143 KB)

Data Protection guidelines (245 KB)

Health and safety (3 KB)

Environmental impact (17 KB)