Past Papers And Specimen Question Papers

Students reading past paperSo you think you’ve been studying hard but practice papers are the real test of what you have actually learned.

Practice makes perfect

Practice with as many papers as you can get your hands on. You’ll find that similar questions will keep cropping up for each subject. Become familiar with the solutions to improve your chances in the real exam.

Keep improving

If you keep getting low marks in a particular subject area then practice papers will help you identify any areas of potential weakness or topics that you can improve and focus upon. You can also ask your teacher for extra help in this area.

Replicate exam conditions

Detach yourself from your phone, sit in quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and try to complete your paper in the set time. It’s a good idea to put away your books and notes to see how you much really know as you won’t have access to these in the exams.

Make use of Marking Instructions

When finished, use the answers to see how well you’ve done and give yourself an overall mark. The Marking Instructions will also give you a good indication of how much work is required for each question and let you see where you could lose marks.

Set yourself a target

Aim to improve both your score and your time with every practice paper you take.  Increasing your score will help to improve your confidence which will help you feel more positive in the actual exam. Set-backs are allowed – nobody is brilliant all the time!

Getting hold of practice papers

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