Food and Drink Operations

Food and Drink Operations

Welcome to the subject homepage for SVQs in Food and Drink Operations.

SQA offers SVQs in Food and Drinks Operations at SCQF levels 5 and 6. These awards have been developed from the standards produced by Improve, the Sector Skills Council (SSC) for the Food and Drink industry.

In this subject homepage, you will find information relating to the structure of each award, assessment guidance and candidate recording forms for each Unit. We hope that you find this information interesting and useful.

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Food Manufacturing Structures

Level 2 Group award code: GF0G 22 (SQA & Improve Ltd)

The SVQ 2 in Food and Drink Operations: Achieving Food Manufacturing Excellence at SCQF level 5 (43 KB) consists of eight Units.  

Level 3 Group award code: GF0H 23 (SQA & Improve Ltd)

The SVQ 3 in Food and Drink Operations: Achieving Food Manufacturing Excellence at SCQF level 6 (47 KB) consists of eight Units. 

New Food and Drink Operations SVQs

Improve has updated the suite of Food and Drink SVQs. The suite has a new title, Food and Drink Operations, to better reflect the range of jobs in the industry. The SCQF level 6 pathways in Improvement, Management and Technical Skills have been merged, and new pathways at SCQF level 5 in Dairy and Fresh Produce Skills have been introduced. Additional underpinning knowledge Units have been added to the structures.

The codes for the new Food and Drink Operation SVQs offered in partnership between SQA and Improve will be available shortly.

Please note that the codes for the SQA & SFMTA, and the SAMB & SQA SVQs will be available shortly.

Please go to Improve's website for further information on the new pathways

2013 Support Event

Presentations from SQA's annual SVQ Food Manufacture event, held on the 21 March 2012, are now available for centres to download. Delegates received an overview of session 2012/13 external verification activity, as well as updates from Improve, and the Scotland Food and Drink Skills Academy. MGT Training discussed the use of e-portfolios for recording candidate evidence. Scottish Bakers and Greenvale AP provided presentations illustrating best practice in education and industry


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