Quality Assurance

SQA's quality assurance processes have been developed to ensure that national standards are applied to internally-assessed Units or Course components. To achieve this, assessments set by a centre should be:

Verification is the procedure we use to make sure that centres' assessment decisions are valid and reliable and are in line with national standards.

Systems Verification is the process of ensuring that centres have adequate internal quality assurance systems, and that these are sufficiently well-documented.

After approval, your centre is assigned to one of our Quality Enhancement Managers (QEM) on a geographical basis and your QEM may contact you to arrange quality assurance visits.

If you need help, contact details can be found on our website or from the Business Development & Customer Support Team (tel: 0303 333 0330).

Internal and External Verification Activities

For details on internal and external verification activities and impact on centres, see the Verification section.

Assessment Arrangements

All candidates should have equal opportunities to show that they can achieve the standard required for our qualifications. Assessment Arrangements are intended for candidates who can achieve the national standards, but cannot do so by the published assessment procedures.

Candidates with disabilities and/or additional support needs, or with a temporary disability at the time of the assessment, may be eligible for assessment arrangements.

Requests for assessment arrangements should be made to SQA for all external assessments and internal assessments, where appropriate, when a need has been identified.


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To order copies of these publications, please contact SQA's Business Development & Customer Support Team by e-mail: mycentre@sqa.org.uk, or telephone: 0303 333 0330.