Engineering Science

Engineering Science blueprint

Our National Qualifications in Engineering Science develop a range of technological skills, including skills in: analysis and problem solving, design, use of equipment and materials, and evaluation of products and systems.

These Courses bring together elements of science, technology, and mathematics and apply them to real-world challenges and they build challenging, coherent and enjoyable journeys for learners through all levels. With insights into the opportunities and challenges in engineering, the Courses provide a strong basis for further study or a career in any branch of engineering.

Available at the following levels:

Engineering Science common questions

Engineering Science CPD Event Presentations

The following presentation was delivered at CPD events for National 3, National 4 and National 5 Engineering Science Courses in session 2013-14. It can be used by Nominees to help cascade information to colleagues in their school, college or Local Authority. Equally, anyone delivering these Courses may find the contents helpful in understanding the standards required. Any candidate evidence used at the events is available from our secure website.