Safe Road User Award SCQF level 4

This qualification is DVSA recognised

The aim of the Safe Road User Award is to build positive attitudes to road use and to help young people to take responsibility for using the roads safely. Young people who become proficient road users at an early stage will be able to carry these attitudes and behaviours throughout life. This, in turn, should result in fewer deaths and serious injuries among road users. Being a safe and proficient road user is a significant life skill which this award will contribute to developing.

The Safe Road User Award is DVSA recognised.

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The Award consists of 2 Units at SCQF level 4:

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SOLAR assessment

Safe Road User Online objective test which is part of the assessment requirement for the unit - Understanding How to Use the Roads. The test is delivered using SOLAR, SQA's e-assessment system.

Your centre account and candidate details

When a centre obtains qualification approval for the Safe Road User Award, we will give the SQA Co-ordinator access to the Safe Road User tests. (If the centre does not already have access to SOLAR, we will create the necessary User account and provide login details). The SQA Co-ordinator will be the centre's main contact for e-assessment. When seeking approval, centres will have the opportunity to specify the names of any other users they would like set up. A User can schedule assessments, invigilate assessments and view candidate results.

Candidate entries for the Unit Understanding How to Use the Roads should be sent to SQA in the normal way. SQA will then transfer these automatically into SOLAR - enabling centres to schedule candidates for the online test.  After successfully completing all of the assessment requirements for the Understanding How to Use the Roads unit, centres should send a result to SQA in the usual way.

Preparing to deliver the tests

There are three ways to deliver the online objective test and two of these require some advance preparation by the centre.

Web browser - This requires no preparation and candidates can simply open a web browser (Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox) using the URL link available on the SOLAR website and enter the keycode they have been given.

SecureClient - This requires centres to install a small client application on the machine to be used to deliver the test. Details of how to do this are provided on the SOLAR website. SecureClient can be used in both online and offline mode. Once launched, candidates enter the keycode they have been given.

App - This requires centres to download the relevant app from the Apple or Android store - search for 'Surpass'. Further details will be available from the SOLAR website. Once again, when launched, candidates use their keycodes to access the test.

Formative assessments can also be scheduled and delivered and it is advisable to use these first. This will help to confirm that the tests are being delivered effectively within your local technical environment and also gives candidates an opportunity to familarise themselves with the format of the tests.

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