Exam timetable and learner apps

Exam timetable and learner apps

The 2024 exam diet starts on Monday 22 April and finishes on Thursday 30 May. Results Day will be Tuesday 6 August.

Since the first publication of the 2024 exam timetable, we have made the following updates:

Geography, Tuesday 23 April

The timings for all levels and sessions have changed. The date for Geography remains unchanged.

Exams on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 May

We’ve swapped around the exams scheduled for these dates. This means that all Chemistry exams will take place on Thursday 23 May.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (National 5 and Higher) and Philosophy (National 5 and Higher) will now take place on Friday 24 May.

Exams on Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 May

We’ve swapped round the exams scheduled for both dates. This means that Sociology (National 5 and Higher) and Art and Design (National 5 and Higher) will now take place on Tuesday 28 May.

Economics (all levels), Gaelic – Learners (all levels), Gàidhlig (all levels) and Practical Metalworking (National 5) now take place on Wednesday 29 May. The duration of Practical Metalworking has also been revised to one hour, starting at 13:00 and finishing at 14:00.

Thursday 30 May remains as a contingency day.

2023-24 Exam Timetable

Please Note: Schools and colleges can change the start times of exams slightly, so double-check your exam times with your school / college.

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