Diploma in Road Policing Operations

General Information

The Diploma in Road Policing Operations is one of a number of Professional Development Awards (PDAs) developed by SQA and the Scottish Police College. The award is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills of the essentials of Road traffic legislation and procedures, both practical and theoretical, relative to the specialism of your role.

This PDA is for officers of Constable to Inspector rank appointed to Road Policing Departments.

The criterion for appointment to Road Policing Departments varies among Scottish Forces. The minimum requirement every applicant must satisfy is to have successfully undertaken their probationary training period, currently set at two years. Thereafter, applicants are required to carry out a broad range of operational policing duties before being considered suitable for appointment to duties as a Road Policing Officer.

Increasingly, at Force level, candidates are selected through a structured selection process for Road Traffic Policing roles.