Question Paper Order/Course Notification Form for Approved Centres

Please complete the details below to order question papers or notify SQA of a course taking place. It is a requirement that centres notify SQA of the date, time and exact location of each test session that they propose to run.

If the form is being used only to notify SQA of a course taking place but for which no papers are required, please enter “Nil” in the “No of question papers required” box. SQA reserves the right to send an external verifier to a test venue and if there is no assessment taking place on that day/time at the venue, the centre will be charged to cover the cost of the verifier's time plus expenses.

Question papers should be ordered 10 working days ahead of any planned course/exam. Papers will be despatched within seven working days of receipt of the order form (normally sooner). A confirmation email will be sent once question papers are despatched. If question papers are not received within five working days of the date of the examination, SQA should be notified immediately.

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  1. Centres must submit candidate results to SQA via their usual method in order for certification to occur.
  2. Centres must retain completed candidate question papers for a minimum of six months from the date of each examination, for scrutiny by SQA verifiers.