Internet Safety Award SCQF level 4

Internet Safety is a single Unit at SCQF level 4 which teaches the skills and knowledge required to work safely and responsibly online, in the context of activities that are routine and familiar. Candidates learn about the risks of working online and how to safeguard themselves and others. The Unit also covers dealing with unwanted communications, protecting against identity theft, and protecting systems against viruses.

This qualification has recently been updated to include a stronger focus on personal safety, online behaviour, social networking and the use of mobile devices.

Internet Safety is widely available in schools and colleges.


Why deliver this qualification?

The Internet Safety Award can be delivered completely online. The entire course can even be delivered on a smartphone. As a result, there is no traditional teaching and almost no paperwork involved. Internet Safety can be delivered at any location and assessment can be done on demand.

Who does this qualification suit?

The Internet Safety Award is suitable for a wide range of candidates, particularly young people, parents, and mature internet users.


The Internet Safety Unit is also part of the following qualifications:

  • Steps to Work Award, SCQF level 4
  • NPA Social Software, SCQF level 4
  • NPA Internet Technology, SCQF level 4
  • NC Digital Media Computing, SCQF levels 4 and 5

Internet Safety can be undertaken on its own or as part of one of these qualifications.


All schools and colleges are auto-approved to offer this Unit. External verification will be by an experienced external verifier from the Computing and Information Systems team.

Other centres looking to deliver the Internet Safety Award will have to come forward for approval and should contact the Business Development Team for guidance in completing the combined CA1/SA1 form.


Access to this qualification is at the discretion of the centre. No previous knowledge of computers or the internet is required. It would, however be advantageous if candidates possessed basic IT skills.

Unit Delivery and Tools

The revised version of Internet Safety (H1F6 10) at SCQF level 4 was made available to centres from April 2016.

The Assessment Support Pack can be accessed on SQA's secure website.

Web-based learning and teaching materials for H1F6 10 can be accessed at SQA Academy.

The course will be available again on 12 July 2022.


There are two assessments - one covering knowledge and one covering skills.

The knowledge assessment consists of 25 multiple choice questions. It is delivered online and marked automatically through SQA SOLAR, so results are provided almost instantly.

Candidate skills are assessed by digital portfolio, whereby the candidate maintains a record of their activity during the Unit, demonstrating how they have protected themselves when online.

Unit Specification

Group Award Code: GL22 44

Internet Safety H1F6 10 unit specification (finish date 31/07/2024)

Internet Safety J5V4 44 unit specification