How to get your coursework back from SQA

Information for candidates

SQA provides a Return of External Assessment Materials service to return non-exam materials to you upon request. We understand that the coursework your school or college sent us as part of your course assessment might be of special value to you and your recordings, artwork or written pieces might not be easy to re-create. That is why we offer this service.

If you have any queries about the Return of External Assessment Materials service, please e-mail

Step 1 – complete a request form

Please complete the following form.

If the form is incomplete or has been filled in incorrectly, we will send it back to you.

The following document contains a full list of everything we can return. Please note that we cannot return exam scripts.

If the item you are looking for is not on this list, this means that either we cannot return it to you or it is an internally assessed item that is held by your school or college.

The closing date for request forms is 27 September 2017.

Step 2 – arrange payment

There is a charge for this service that must be paid before we return your materials. The charges are as follows.

Number of items to be returned Total cost (2D material only) Total Cost (Both 2D and 3D* material)
1 £11.80 £26.70
2 £19.20 £34.10
3 £24.25 £39.15
4 £27.95 £42.85
5 £31.65 £46.55

The total cost will increase with each item you request. For example, if you request to have your Higher English portfolio and Higher History extended essay returned, this will cost £19.20.

Payment details are provided on the Return of Coursework Request form. You can choose to pay by card or by cheque – please do not send cash. Remember to include the correct charge before sending us your form.

Late fees

Any requests received after 27 September will incur an additional late charge as follows:

Number of items to be returned Late charge (2D material only) Late charge (3D material only*) Late charge (both 2D and 3D material)
1 £26.30 £29.40 £55.70

* 3D material is any artwork that does not fit neatly within the portfolio case or plastic wallet.

Step 3 – submit to SQA

Send your completed form and payment details to Alternatively, you can post it to us at the following address:

Events Servicing
24 Wester Shawfair
EH22 1FD

Additional information

Why can’t my exam script be returned to me?

Exam materials are exempt from the right of subject access, as detailed in the Data Protection Act 1998, and it is SQA policy not to disclose such materials.

When will I get my materials back?

Between the end of October and mid-December. Your materials will be returned to the address you have provided.

Please note that if your work has been submitted as part of Results Services, we are required to retain this work for 12 months after the final decision has been made on the grade(s) awarded.

Can I collect my materials from SQA in person?

Yes. You can collect your materials from our office in Dalkeith. If you would prefer this option, please advise us when submitting your request and we will contact you when your materials are ready for collection. Please note that charges will still apply for collected items.

What will happen if I don’t submit a request?

Any work that has not been requested for return will be securely disposed of.

What happens if my items have been damaged?

We will not return any materials that have been damaged during transit to SQA or during the assessment process. There will be no compensation for any damaged portfolios.

Will my items be returned in their original packaging?

We do not accept requests to return packaging alone (eg portfolio cases) and we are unable to guarantee that your materials will be returned in their original packaging. We therefore advise that you avoid using decorative or valuable packaging when sending your materials to us. There will be no compensation for any packaging that is not returned or is damaged during the marking process.