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  • National Qualifications 2021 Group - Disruption to Learning

    Further to its latest update published on Tuesday 13 April 2021, the National Qualifications 2021 Group* is acutely aware that the extended lockdown between January and March has created a truncated window for the production of evidence to support professional judgement around provisional grades. In some instances, this challenge may be compounded by individual learners being required to self-isolate during the post-Easter period.

  • National Qualifications 2021 Group update: Alternative Certification Model Stage 2

    The post-Easter term will be a busy and challenging one for everyone as we move into stage two of the alternative certification model and look to gather learner evidence in the classroom environment as fairly and robustly as possible. Many learners, parents and carers will have questions and will be looking for guidance and support. To help with this, we have summarised the key elements of this stage of the model.

  • SQA Apprentices log in to new skills

    This Scottish Apprenticeship Week, find out how SQA approached the recruitment of Modern Apprentices over the past year.

  • Revised model for delivering National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher results in 2021

    Following the First Minister's announcement on 16 February 2021, the National Qualifications Group has shared revised arrangements for the Alternative Certification Model and the timeline for delivering National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher results in session 2020-21. Further information about the Appeals service for 2021 will be available following consultation.

  • Update from the National Qualifications 2021 Group: National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher

    The First Minister's announcement on 19 January 2021 confirmed that remote learning will continue until at least mid-February. Given this announcement the National Qualifications 2021 Group is overseeing changes to the alternative certification model and associated timeline that was announced in December