Certificate of Work Readiness

Certificate of Work Readiness - (GF0F04): 3.5 SQA credits needed in total.


Component Title SCQF Level SCQF Credit Points Period of Credit Rating From: Period of Credit Rating To:
Practical Work Place Skills U(H18804) (1.0) 4 19 28/05/2012 31/12/2023

SQA National units

Selected Units (Mandatory)
Responsibilities of Employment - I1(F78810) (0.25)
Dealing with Work Situations - I1(F78910) (0.25)
Skills for Customer Care - I1(F38W10) (1.0)
Self and Work (Optional): 1.0 credits needed
Personal Development: Self and Work - I1(F37X10) (1.0)
Personal Development: Self and Work - SCQF 4(H18P44) (1.0)