Professional Diploma in Shipping and Maritime Studies

Component Title SCQF Level SCQF Credit Points Period of Credit Rating From: Period of Credit Rating To:
Plane, Parallel, Mercator and Great Circle Sailing 7 4 05/06/2014 31/07/2021
Bridge Management 8 8 05/06/2014 31/07/2021
Maritime Emergency Response 7 6 05/06/2014 31/07/2021
Marine Law: An Introduction 7 6 05/06/2014 31/07/2021

SQA National Units

Component Title
Chartwork and Tides
Marine Meteorology - An Introduction
Bridge Watchkeeping
Marine Cargo Operations
Ship Stability - An Introduction
Naval Architecture - Ship Construction
Information Technology - Applications Software 1
Ship Stability: Theory and Practical Application
Marine Vessels: Structures & Maintenance
Management of Vessel Operations
Marine Passage Planning
Marine Engineering Systems