Your National Qualifications 2021-22

The information in the Your National Qualifications 2021-22 booklet tells you what you need to know about completing coursework, how to prepare for exams, and what will happen if exams are cancelled in 2022.

Your coursework, whether a project, portfolio or assignment, gives you the chance to show how well you know your subject and to gain marks that could make a difference to your final grade.

Na Teisteanais Nàiseanta agad 2021–22 (345 KB)

We will also send copies to your school, college or training provider so please ask your teacher or lecturer for a printed copy of Your National Qualifications.

Coursework Declaration

Before your coursework is submitted to SQA, your school or college will give you a declaration that you need to sign. It's really important you understand what the declaration means and what you're signing so please read it now:

I confirm that: