Fix and Secure Memorial Masonry Award SCQF level 4

The National Workplace Award at SCQF level 4 confirms that a learner has attained the National Occupational Standard in the Fixing and Securing of Memorial Masonry.

This Award covers measuring, marking out, drilling, fitting, finishing, positioning, securing, sealing and cleaning memorial stones on ground foundations.

It also includes interpreting drawings and specifications, risk assessments, selecting and using materials, tools and equipment (including power tools), and protecting the work and its surrounding area.

National Workplace Awards are trusted qualifications designed to provide a certificate of competence to individuals who are either employed or seeking employment in the sector.

The National Workplace Award in Fix and Secure Memorial Masonry is straightforward to deliver and slots readily into college timetables.

It can be offered in any of the following modes:

  • part-time (eg day-release)
  • evening provision

This qualification is suitable for a wide range of candidates including:

  • school leavers
  • adult returners to education
  • candidates in employment who wish to enhance their career prospects
  • employers who wish their employees to take part in short, continuing professional development courses
  • individuals who wish to start their own business
  • candidates who are seeking national recognition of their achievements


Entry is at the discretion of the centre.

Centres with devolved authority for approval should use their own internal approval process.

Centres without devolved authority will have to come forward for approval and should contact SQA’s Business Development Team for guidance.

Assessors and verifiers must be able to meet SQA’s general requirements for technical/occupational competence as outlined in the Systems and Qualification Approval Guide.

Each individual Unit specification gives detailed information on the Evidence Requirements and approaches to assessment for each Unit.

Group Award code: GL0W 44 (15 SCQF credit points)

SCQF level: 4

The National Workplace Award in Fix and Secure Memorial Masonry at SCQF level 4 consists of one mandatory Unit (15 SCQF credit points).