Learner support and resources

Below are links to resources and support to help you throughout the year.

SQA guidance and support

If you have any questions about your certificate or results, you can contact us:

Check your SQA qualification information

MySQA is your link with SQA. It lets you view your qualification information and check the personal details we hold for you:

Sign up to MySQA

Support for learners

For further support from our partners visit:

Helping you understand your rights

enquire lgo

Reach (part of Enquire) - offers accessible advice about your right to be supported and involved in decisions about your education.

My Rights, My Say - supporting children aged 12-15 with additional support needs to exercise their rights to be involved in decisions about their school support.

Further and higher education

Information on further and higher education can be found from the following resources:


Your wellbeing

We know that your mental health and wellbeing may have been affected during the pandemic. There are several organisations you can speak to for support and advice and to help you navigate through this period of uncertainty and change: