On results day

It's finally results day and you're waiting to find out your grades.

If you signed up for MySQA you'll get your results from 8 am on 8 August. Your certificate will arrive on 8 August too. If it doesn't, call your school/college immediately and they can tell you your results.

Something missing?

If something is wrong or missing from your certificate, call your school/college who will contact us.

Contact our Candidate Advice Line - available from 8-11 August - for help regarding your certificate:

Results Services

Only schools and colleges can send requests for Results Services. SQA can't accept requests directly from candidates/parents/carers.

Exceptional circumstances consideration service

If you couldn't sit an exam or did sit an exam but your performance was affected by exceptional circumstances, such as bereavement, you are eligible for support. This service operates before the results are sent out.

Post-results services

These services are available after you've received your certificate.

SQA check all parts of your exam paper has been marked, all marks have been added correctly and that the correct total was entered into the results software.

An SQA Examiner reviews the marks to make sure the marking was in line with the national standard.

This review is for candidates who have college/university places on hold until the review is completed. It is completed to meet the UCAS deadline for confirming places by 31 August.

Further infomation on Results Services 

Return of coursework

If you submitted any original materials that you want back, you can submit a request to SQA by 30 September 2017 (there is a charge for this). Any requests after this date will also be charged with a late fee - if no request is made, your coursework will be disposed of securely.