On results day

It's results day and you're waiting to find out your grades.

If you signed up for MySQA you'll get your results from 8 am on 4 August. Your certificate will arrive on 4 August too. If it doesn't, call your school/college immediately and they can tell you your results.

Something missing?

If something is wrong or missing from your certificate, call your school/college who will contact us.

Contact our Candidate Advice Line - available from 4-7 August - for help regarding your certificate:


Only schools and colleges can ask for a review of a canditates results. We can't accept requests directly from candidates, parents or carers.

Further infomation on appealing a result in 2020

Return of coursework

If you submitted original materials that you want back, submit a request by 25 September 2020 (there is a charge). Any requests after this date will be charged an additional fee - if no request is made, we dispose of coursework.

Make a request

Skills Development Scotland Exam Results Helpline

The SDS Exam Results Helpline will be open from 8 am on results day, the number to call is 0808 100 8000. The helpline offers advice, information and guidance for young people and their parents and carers. The helpline’s careers advisers have unique access to information on UCAS course vacancies at UK colleges and universities, Confirmation and Clearing, advice about Modern, Foundation and Graduate Apprenticeships and jobs or volunteering.