Conveyancing end-point assessment (EPA)

SQA is approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency to deliver end-point assessment for the following apprenticeship standards:

SQA are listed on the Education and Skills Funding Agency Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations (RoAAO).

Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) 

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) regulate CLC lawyers and entities in conveyancing provision, probate and other legal services. 

Following successful completion of the end-point assessment, apprentices will become eligible to apply to the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) for either their professional registration on the CLC’s Register for Conveyancing Technicians or their first employed licence to practise.

Since 2016, SQA has been responsible for quality assuring and certificating the revised qualifications in partnership with CLC. These qualifications, delivered by SQA approved  centres, will form the on-programme qualification for the Apprenticeships in Conveyancing Technician and Licensed Conveyancer.

Conveyancing end-point assessment

An independent organisation must be involved in the end-point assessment of each apprentice so that all apprentices following the same standard are assessed consistently.

The final six months of each of the Conveyancing Apprenticeships culminates in an independent end-point assessment. This is an assessment of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that have been learnt throughout the Apprenticeship. Ensuring the apprentice meets the standard set by employers and that they are fully competent in the occupation.
This assessment is taken by apprentice candidates at the end of the on-programme phase of training when their employer (and their training provider) is satisfied that they have met the 'gateway' criteria to undertake the assessment.

Each of the Approaches to Assessment (Assessment Plans) for Conveyancing Technician and Licensed Conveyancer detail how end-point assessment should be delivered by the approved Apprentice Assessment Organisation (AAO).


Part 1 - An online scenario test taking up to two hours and consisting of two conveyancing scenarios to accommodate variable expanse or scope of tasks.

Part 2 - Submission of a showcase of evidence, followed by a professional discussion. The showcase should contain evidence collected near the end of the apprenticeship. The showcase will form the basis of the professional discussion between the apprentice and the Assessment Organisation. The professional discussion will take up to one hour, it can be conducted face to face or using an electronic platform, or other digital means.

Independent end-point assessors appointed by SQA will assess Parts 1 and 2 (scenarios, showcase and professional discussion) to determine whether the apprentice meets the Standard and demonstrates a level of knowledge and professional competence commensurate with the responsibilities and accountability of their role.


Apprenticeship certificates are only awarded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency after the end-point assessment has been successfully completed by apprentice candidates.

Apprentice assessment organisation

As a registered apprentice assessment organisation, SQA will deliver end-point assessment for each apprentice candidate in Conveyancing standards, and will be responsible for: 

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