Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service

The Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service supports candidates who have been unable to attend an exam, or whose performance in the exam may have been affected by an incident beyond their control. This service is available for all exams that appear in the exam timetable.

Who is eligible for the service?

Candidates are eligible for this service if they have:.

Candidates that sit the exam are still eligible.

We can only progress requests where alternative evidence of attainment is available.

What is an exceptional circumstance?

This must be an unplanned circumstance that affects a candidate’s ability to attend or perform in an exam.

When must schools and colleges submit requests?

Only schools and colleges can submit requests. We can’t accept requests from candidates or parents/carers.

Due to the varied nature of exceptional circumstances, there is no set time-limit on how close it must be to the exam. Schools and colleges are aware that the effects of an exceptional circumstance can be long or short term.

Requests can be made from 18 April 2017, where it is known that the candidate will be affected by an exceptional circumstance.

The closing date for submitting a request is 10 working days after the exam for which the request is being made.