Appeals 2022

After receiving your results, if you think any of your grades don’t seem right, you may be able to submit an appeal.

Unsure whether to appeal?

Use our helpful decision tree to help you find out if you are eligible and what to consider if you are thinking about submitting an appeal.

You should discuss any discrepancy between your estimate and final grade with your teacher, lecturer or another member of staff to determine whether your estimate and alternative assessment evidence can support an appeal.

If your final grade is lower than the estimate your school, college or training provider submitted to us before the exam, you may be able to make an appeal directly to SQA, or through your school, college or training provider.

Accessing the Appeals 2022 learner direct service

When submitting an appeal yourself you will need to register for the learner direct service. This service is different to MySQA and you need to click sign up when using the Appeals 2022 learner direct service for the first time. To sign up you will need to supply your email address and then click 'Verify email address'. We will email you a verification code which will be valid for 20 minutes. If you don't receive this email, please check your junk or spam folder. Once you have retrieved the verification code you can continue the sign up process by creating a password.

What happens next?

If your appeal is accepted, SQA will carry out a clerical check of your exam script and assignments. SQA appointees – practising teachers and lecturers – will also review the assessment evidence that your school, college or training provider sends to us to decide your final grade. In most cases your grade will either go up or stay the same. However, there is a very small chance that your grade could go down.

An appeal can be prioritised if you have a conditional place at university or college, or in training or employment that depends on your grade. Please tell your school, college or training provider if you have a conditional offer as they must validate all priority appeals.

Our appeals guide for learners contains everything you need to know about our free service which is now open.

Appeals 2022 - Gaelic (555 KB)

Further information

We have produced general information about the Appeals 2022 service (249 KB).

For information on the roles and responsibilities of SQA, centres and learners (pre- and post-certification) please read the Roles and Responsibilities for Appeals 2022 document (152 KB).

Equality impact and children's rights and wellbeing reports

SQA has produced an Equalities Impact Assessment and a Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment that summarise the evidence SQA considered during the development of the 2022 appeals service.