Foundation Apprenticeships

What are Foundation Apprenticeships?

Foundation Apprenticeships are a Skills Development Scotland (SDS) initiative, providing new, work-based learning opportunities for S5 and S6 learners. It enable them to complete elements of a Modern Apprenticeship while still at school.

Learners work towards a Foundation Apprenticeship alongside their other subjects — their National 5s and Highers. They'll also spend part of the school week at college or with a local employer. They will work towards industry-recognised qualifications while developing skills and experience in the workplace.

What Foundation Apprenticeships are available?

There are Foundation Apprenticeships in:

Who delivers them/where can I complete a Foundation Apprenticeship?

Currently, colleges are delivering Foundation Apprenticeships in partnership with schools and employers. Speak to your local school or college to find out more.

Who can complete a Foundation Apprenticeship?

Learners in 5th and 6th year at school can undertake a Foundation Apprenticeship. Your school will be able to advise on what arrangements it has in place with colleges and employers.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, as long as you have completed and been resulted for all the required elements you will receive a Foundation Apprenticeship certificate. If you complete part of the Foundation Apprenticeship, you will receive a certificate listing all the results you have achieved during your apprenticeship.

When you receive your certificate depends on when your results are sent to SQA.

Where can I find more information about Apprenticeships?

To find out more information about Foundation Apprenticeships, please visit: