The Management & Treatment of Healthcare Waste Pathway 2: Healthcare Waste Manager

Component Title SCQF Level SCQF Credit Points Period of Credit Rating From: Period of Credit Rating To:
Mandatory units:         
Complying with Waste Management Legislation      13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Ensure protection of the environment at healthcare facilities, treatment or transport operations     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Safe Management of Hazardous and Sharps Waste at a Healthcare Facility     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Monitor the procedures to control risks to health and safety of the waste management functiuon at a healthcare facility/healthcare treatment facility     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Prepare for an Insepction or Audit visit     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Manage the reception of infectious wastes at a healthcare waste treatment facility     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Manage site operations for the treatment of infectious healthcare waste at a healthcare facility/healthcare waste treatment facility     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Manage the disposal of outputs and resideues from infectious healthcare waste treatment operations or healthcare waste transfer operations at a healthcare facility     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Manage maintenance and other engineering operations at a healthcare facility, infectious healthcare waste treatment facility or during healthcare waste transport operations      13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Optional units:        31/07/2025
Contribute to the development of an Environmental Management System     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Contribute to the selection of personnel for activities     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Create effective working relationships     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Climate Change Adaptation Auditing & Reporting at a Healthcare Facility     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Manage a budget to support the efficient use of resources     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Contribute to Contract Procurement & Management at a Healthcare Waste Management Facility     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Preparing for and Delivering in-house Healthcare Waste Management training     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Manage improvements to waste management operations/practices at a healthcare facility, treatment centre or transport operations     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Effectively manage Environmental Incidents and Emergencies     13/01/2020 31/07/2025
Review the performance of teams and individuals     13/01/2020 31/07/2025