2020 Appeals (post-certification review)

If you are a candidate

If you think your SQA results are wrong speak to your school/college as soon as possible.

We can't accept requests from candidates or parents/carers .

If you are a school/college

Before submitting a request, the following must apply:

Remember, we may already hold evidence that was submitted but not marked, for example, National 5 coursework.

Post-Certification Review: Information for Centres (152 KB)

Types of appeal

There are two types of appeal:

  1. priority post-certification review - for candidates who need a result for a place at university/college
  2. post-certification review

Submitting appeals

Schools/colleges should submit a rationale for their decision-making for each candidate (or group of candidates), which highlights the evidence validating their estimated grade.

Requests must be signed-off by the headteacher, principal, or their representative, before being submitted to SQA.

Once we receive a request and all the assessment evidence, we will review it and either accept or reject it, based on the evidence received.

Outcome of appeals

There are three possible outcomes from a review.

A lower grade may be awarded after a review because the alternative evidence supplied does not meet the required standard. This will be rare, and we would discuss with the school/college.


Results will be emailed to the school/college on the following dates:

Revised certificates will be posted to candidates at a later date and MySQA updated.

Can material submitted for a review be returned?

Review material is kept for a year by SQA, to help deal with any further enquiries or complaints. If you need it within the year, you should copy it before submission to SQA.